Amanda Young

I would first like to say thank you for all that you have done for my family in it's time of need. SIDS America was a God sent blessing for this entire family. The unexpectedness was very overwhelming for Garrick and Bianca, as well as everyone that was affected by Ke'Andre life. I must say that on the day I contacted your nonprofit ministry I had been calling all over the metroplex to find funding for the proper burial for my grandson. As I stated earlier you guys were God sent. I am still thanking him for the blessings stored upon this family. We were not prepared for the tragedy of losing Ke'Andre. 

I have talked to Garrick and Bianca about meeting both of you and they would love that opportunity. They are still dealing with his death in their personal ways and still have unanswered questions. You made note in your message about two books: Hope by Nancy Guthrie and SIDS & Infant Death by Joani Nelson. I think both of these books could shed some light to their current state of mind. They are both strong and have pulled together even closer since this happened but as a mother I know it has affected them a lot more than they lead on to. If we could schedule a time for them to meet with both of you I think this would be healthy for them to ask you things that we their parent can't answer.

I have attached some photo's of Ke'Andre that will include Garrick and Bianca in order for you to create a page honoring and remembering him. If you do nothing else for this family, know that we are thankful and your ministry has impacted our lives in such a blessful way. May blessings be stored upon your ministry and your family.


Amanda Young

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