Brandi Summers


Hello! It was so good to meet you last night and I am glad that we were able to connect. I can not express to you the healing that has already begun in knowing that other moms have shared the same fears, the same joys, the same weird thoughts, and the same sadness. I know that I will return to the group. I was glad that I was early and that I was not the only new person to the group, although I still would have had the same feeling as though I had been amongst family.

The most interesting thing that I think I took away in talking with the other moms and how to interact was that for the first time in my life I didn't have to have words to express what I was feeling and I did not have to say everything that was on my mind. In fact I found myself being more reserved because of the sensitivity to others pain as well. In other areas of my life with people that I deal with day in and day out, I find that I have to spell out what I am thinking or feeling because of the lack of understanding that many people have in dealing with grief. I did not feel that at all last night and it was comforting to take that away from the meeting. 

Thank you for all you help and support. I truly appreciate it. 

Brandi Summers

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