Luke Carpenter

Dear Bill & Cheryl, 

Your answers were wonderful. My dad told me shortly after Graham died "if you've never been there, don't try and give me directions." All of those questions are where I / we are right now and hearing your answers was very encouraging. Not only have you been there, but you "get it."

It's tough some times when you talk to people that just don't have much substance to them... I don't mean this to sound bad, but a lot of people try and talk to you and what they say doesn't end up amounting to much. So many of your words were spot on and it was one of those things where your answers were what I HOPED they would be. There is a lot to you guys and I appreciate your help. After reading your email - my spirits are lifted. Thanks for honoring Billy by helping us. I can't wait to meet him. 


Luke Carpenter

Relationship to Child: 
Graham's Dad